Start out on the Right Foot

Establish your path to success from your very first step as a solar franchisee with the best brand in solar. When your business begins on the right track it means that you are laying the groundwork for successful marketing, operations and sustainable business practices.

While you have a few options for solar franchises, there is a reason that RevoluSun stands above and apart from the competition. As the ideal franchise solution for small business owners looking to expand their services, RevoluSun provides the perfect combination of established experience and customized support.

Solar Experience

We founded RevoluSun in Honolulu in 2009. Starting business in the early stages of what is now one of the most competitive markets in the country, we spent most of our time educating homeowners about solar. It was not easy, but our persistence paid off and we quickly emerged as an industry leader.

Today, Hawaii homeowners are no longer asking, “should we go solar?”  The question has evolved into “who should we go solar with?” We’re proud to say that in Hawaii, the answer to that question is RevoluSun. Our passion for providing the very best in customer service, efficient design and our reputation for superior installations has lead us to be Hawaii’s #1 choice for solar electricity.

We have taken this diverse market experience and created the tools to help you get started and thrive. It doesn’t matter if you are in an early or mature market, RevoluSun has experienced it all. We provide our franchisees the whole package for success in any solar market.

Franchise Support

RevoluSun provides real support to franchisees.

It’s not the “leave-a-message-and-we-will-get-back-to-you” kind of support. It is the “available-24/7-drop-what-we-are-doing-to-help-you” kind of support. When you “Join the RevoluSun” you become a part of a growing organization of passionate people who are committed to accelerating the use of solar energy across the country. We understand that we need YOU to help make this happen and we are committed to supporting you in every way. 

Furthermore, you get a wealth of tools for operating your RevoluSun solar franchise! Learn more about what you get when you Join the RevoluSun.


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